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Do you feel that success, love and happiness are beyond your reach?

Are you someone who spends more time at work than with your loved ones?

Perhaps you always feel that success is just beyond your reach?

Do you feel pulled in all directions, yet feeling directionless?

Do you want your passions to support you financially?

If you answered YES to any of these questions...

Don't worry, you are not alone!

The vast majority of people in today's world struggle with these same issues too.

However, the ones who rise above are those who sought advice and knowledge from quality mentors.

Because there really is another way!

"If you've always wanted to discover the most transformative way to make your dream life a reality - this is your FREE ticket to Success, Love and Happiness!"

The 8 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness

I am more in tune with my passion and purpose. I have let go and become even more of myself. I am more inspired and motivated... It is a wide eye opening experience with Andrew!

Cynthia Ng • Actor

...from anxiety and fear to finding focus, positivity and laughter. I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Andrew!

Leah Barrie • Youth Worker

"Quite simply, the best Success Mindset Event... EVER!"

Jon Philpin • Business Owner

I felt stuck without being able to move ahead. I now have a sense of direction, and that I can create a plan to move ahead... Andrew is able to create belief and positivity.

Date: Sun 2 Dec 2018

Time: 9am-2.30pm

Venue: Crown Room, QA Hotel, 64 James St, New Farm


Cat • Mother, Business owner, Scientist

This event offered the hope I needed to take a leap of faith and begin my healing journey.  I walked out feeling lighter - knowing how to move forward.

This event gave me so many insights about my life, and how I can make it even better through applying the 8 principles. It allowed me to look within myself and understanding me better. Not only that, but I could see some of my traits in my son and when I looked back I could see some of my father’s traits in me. Now that I am aware of it I can talk to my son and discuss things that he is going through because I have been through them as well.

Neil • Husband, Father, Property Investor

The event was amazing. I learnt so much about my current life situation and how I can move forward and remove the shackles from my past. I now have a clear direction moving forward and look forward to a much brighter and happier future.

Ann • Wife, Business owner, Psychologist

This event allowed me to understand not only the reasons why I get gut feelings and why I feel frustrations but also how to deal with everything that is happening internally in a way that enables me to live a full & fulfilling life daily. By understanding & applying the 8 principles it has opened up a whole new world of possibility.... of where I can take charge of my life!

Rosanne • Mother, Property Investor, Business Owner

I have attended these events on several occasions and highly recommend them. Quite honestly, attending this event can change your life.  I have been filled with long lasting gems of knowledge which inspire me constantly with more understanding about life and how we behave and interact.

Moana • Wife, Stylist, Coach

About Andrew Low

Andrew is a transformation coach and trainer on a quest to help others create the life of success, love and happiness that they deserve

He has worked with hundreds of everyday people, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and business owners – in both one-on-one and group settings. 

He also trains other coaches to elevate their coaching skills.

He has over 20 years combined experience in leading, training, mentoring and coaching and has worked in both the private and public sectors on emotional intelligence, human empowerment and digital transformation

Previously a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, he completed his Master’s degree with a dissertation on adopting transformative change in a digital world. 

He was also lead trainer for Fujitsu with professional certifications in PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programmes® and Management of Portfolios®.

Andrew inspires and empowers others who perceive insurmountable life challenges to discover solutions drawn from a mindset of curiosity, creativity and self-love

He is passionate about sustainable results sprinkled with healthy doses of fun and laughter!

Is the Law of Attraction not working for you? 

This is because it only gives you 1/8 of the picture.

It is not possible to complete the jigsaw puzzle of your life if you have not been given full picture.

There are actually 8 Laws for Success, Love and Happiness.

At this event, I will show you :

*  the step-by-step roadmap to finally achieve what you want

*  the 7 other principles that make the Law of Attraction actually work

*  the 8 passion and purpose archetypes, and why they create genius

*  the 3 common reasons that sabotage success, love and happiness

*  how to achieve self-love and negate co-dependence

*  how fears in our body and mind keep us preoccupied with drama and overwhelm

*  how to silence your inner critic

*  how transforming the shadows of our past gives us the choice to follow our passion and purpose

*  how you can create a life that is emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding

The truth about "commercial self-help"

(or How to let go of the past to live in the present with passion and purpose, and create the future you really want!)

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Success Mindset Event in Brisbane 2 Dec 2o18

Normally priced at $295

Normally priced at $295